Joia feita com cordão umbilical, leite materno e placenta vira recordação

Colares, anéis, berloques e pulseiras são alguns dos acessórios feitos a partir do material

Uma tendência que vem chamando a atenção no exterior é a de mães que transformam cordão umbilical, placenta e até leite materno em joias. Diversas marcas estão lançando linhas com colares, anéis, berloques e pulseiras feitos a partir desses materiais.

Além dessas substâncias, as joias possuem metais, como o ouro e a prata. O acessório cria um elo entre a mãe e o bebê e serve de recordação.

No Brasil, a marcas  Pingente de Amor e Joia Materna e produzem joias feitas com leite materno.

Cordão umbilical

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Do you still have your little one's umbilical cord stump? This sterling silver stacking ring and European style bead are made with umbilical cord stump. I have successfully preserved a cord stump that was 17 years old! It's not too late to turn your baby's cord stump into beautiful a keepsake. Custom umbilical cord orders ready by Mother's Day. . . . . #speckledmilk #mothersdaygift #mothersday #giftideas #giftformom #tandemnursing #pumping #pumpingmom #normalizebreastfeeding #normalizeit #mom #umbilicalcordkeepsake #umbilicalcord #umbilicalcordstump #babybook #love #nursing #jewelry #breastfeedingjewelry #memoryjewelry #keepsake #ring #pandora #doula #midwife #support #lifesjourney #buysmall

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Leite materno 


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One of our most classic, loved designs – the golden Empress crown ring. I wish I could take credit for all the beautiful swirls and textures in this stone, but that’s all Mother Nature’s doing right there. Nothing but pure dried rose petals are in this ring. . We call our art “DNA Jewelry” but we do work with some non DNA elements like flowers, sand, and soil. Ideas for non-DNA meaningful keepsakes would be flowers from a memorial service, your wedding bouquet, sand from a honeymoon location, soil from your childhood home or a loved ones burial place, or flowers from a special event like a child’s dedication service. Our jewelry is special because it can capture any chapter of your journey.

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