20 antes e depois de cachorros adotados que vão fazer você sorrir

A partir de uma TAG, as pessoas estão compartilhando como só fez bem para seus bichinhos a adoção.

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A adoção de animais de estimação é uma das coisas mais bonitas de todas, você salva um animalzinho e ganha um melhor amigo para todos os momentos. E, no Instagram, a partir de algumas TAGS, como #antesedepoisdaadoção, algumas pessoas estão mostrando como essa troca é muito benéfica para os os bichinhos – é nítido!

Compartilhando suas histórias, as pessoas estão mostrando como com bons cuidados, todos os animais podem ser felizes em um novo lar, e além de tudo, mostra que sempre há esperança para aqueles que adotaram um bichinho doente. Adotar é tudo de bom!

Olha só que lindo!

1. Piper

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Piper, the day I found her as a stray and a week after we decided to keep her. . . . #beforeandafteradoption #beforeandafter #puppy #puppiesofinstagram

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2. Skooby-Doo

3. Jack

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Everyone thought I was crazy the night I stood outside the bar crying after seeing this poor boy completely broken. I think they sort of figured he wasn’t worth the effort. I pleaded with them to let him survive where he was at another day so I could have enough time to make arrangements for him. Luckily I was dating a man at the time who already knew where this was going and immediately offered me a helping hand. I showed up the next day and lured him in with sandwich meat. Loaded him up, brought him home to a very upset mother, and we immediately began washing and clipping him. The first photo shows our day 1 post bathed and de-matted. The others our journey with him. Multiple weekly baths and hundreds and hundreds of dollars later we have a very healthy Jack! He has turned into such a warm, loving puppy (who loves to smile) we are so lucky to have him and that he found us that night. #whywerescue #smilingjack #loveneverfails #beforeandafter #beforeandafteradoption #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedog #grateful

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4. Johanna

5. Rosie

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Hi friends! Mawm here. I wanted to share Rosie’s story about how she came into my life (and never left😂)—although a sad one, it makes her who she is! Rose was living with someone, she had a human (if he even deserves that title). A human that was supposed to care for her and love her. He was a "friend" of a friend of mine. Rose wasn't being fed, given water, attention, or vet care (let alone exercise, training, or love), and was stuck in a crate for days at a time without even being let out to potty. I had heard about Rosie once before and told my friend to tell the guy that had Rose that he needed to take care of her or find somewhere else that would. The second time I heard about her, I immediately went to get Rose and was ready to fight for her if I had to. Fortunately for me, there was no fight because he didn't care if she was there or not (and had left town—with rose in the crate—for a few days before I got there). I wasn't planning on keeping Rosie but I knew she couldn’t stay there. Off we went towards home (with the windows open cause she was covered in her own pee and poop and was super stinky) and although I was just a broke grad student, I knew she wasn’t leaving the moment she sat on the couch with her paw on my leg just looking at me (bottom picture!). Hopefully self-explanatory, but the three pictures on the right are the night she came home with me—a huge difference from that goof on the left. #adoptadog #beforeandafter #beforeandafteradoption #thanksforthedogasshole #dontbeashittyhuman #loveyourdog #careforyourdog #resilient #fosterfail #dogsofinsta #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulladvocate #pitsofinstagram #ilovemydog #dog #puppy #rescuedogsofinsta #adoptdontshop #pitbullinstagram #sniffandbarkens #thedodo #rescuedog #petsofinstagram #buzzfeedanimals #barkbox #rescuefactor #spreadtherumer #bark

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6. Lucy Liu

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Hi guys, this is my dog's before and after adoption pic. She was found as a stray in Alabama. Sweetest thing 💗💗

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7. Banguela

8. Lolita

9. Princessa

10. Blu

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Blu's transformation is incredible! It's amazing how just one person can make such a huge impact on a shelter pet's life. If you would like to have your #adoptionstory featured on our site, visit the link in our bio to get in touch! #Repost @missmeadows715 with @repostapp. ・・・ I cannot get over the progress our little Blu (formerly Harris at the humane society) has made. He's such a strong boy – we love him so much! @lynchburghumane #rescuedogs #dogsofinstagram #shihtzusofinstagram #beforeandafteradoption #adopteddogs #ilovemyrescue

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11. Minnie

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What a difference a few months and lots of love can make! #dogsofinstagram #barc_houston #beforeandafteradoption #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #australianshepard #barkbox

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12. Teddy

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We found Teddy’s shelter picture and it’s heartbreaking. We’re so glad he came into our lives and is letting his sweet, goofy personality shine! Hopefully he knows that he’ll be safe, clean, fed, and loved for the rest of his life ❤️ #beforeandafteradoption #shelterdogs #adoptdontshop #corgisofinstagram

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13. Harper

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One year ago today we adopted Harper from the Fairfax Animal Shelter. She had been adopted and returned at least three times in the first year of her life and looked alone, scared and confused. The last year with her has been anything but easy and she tests us almost every day. But she is the light of our life and we couldn't imagine what we would do without her. We are so filled with joy anytime she smiles and curls up in bed, knowing that she has finally found her home! 😚😙😙 . . . #vizsla #vizslagram #vizslasofinstagram #beforeandafteradoption #rescue #dogsofinstagran #dogsofinsta #dog #dogs #shelterdog #shelter #beforeandafter

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14. Odeon

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Today is throwback Thursday to my first night home and a before and after! My mom and dad have had me for 3 and a half months. When they adopted me I only weighed 35 pounds and I was very sick. They didn't think I would make it through the night but here I am, happy and healthy! I have a long way to go but I'm so happy they brought me home! #throwbackthursday #tbt #oedon #adopteddog #rescuepup #movingonup #beforeandafter #beforeandafteradoption #cutelabs #labradormix #labmix #welcomehome #foreverhome #handsomepupper #somuchlovetogive #adoptdontshop #adoptyoursoulmate #o_dog

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15. Luna

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✨#BeforeAndAfterAdoption 💜 & from 13 lbs to 20. A banana treat a day! 👍😂🍌💛 Luna was found as a stray with no collar, tags or chip and unclaimed after 10 weeks in the shelter. As you can see she is the coolest dog in the world 🌎, we're so lucky we found her! #adoptbeforeyoushop ❤️❤️❤️(thanks AZDog Adoptions)! . . . #rescuedogs #happypup #alwayssmiling #azdogadoptions #muttsofinstagram #corgi #miniaussie #corgiaussie #rescuedogsofinstagram #lunathetuna

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16. Jim Gordom

17. Roman

18. Emmett

19. Bucky

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End of 2017 I started looking at pictures of how things changed through the year and this is my favorite: before & after adopting Bucky. The pic on the left is from May, when he was in the shelter. The pics on the right are from this December. Bucky’s curls have grown back, his smile is bigger, and his heart is full of love!! Looking at these photos makes me so happy that we could help him and make him so happy!! #beforeandafteradoption

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20. Django

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It's amazing to me how far this dude has come so quickly. Easily one of the happiest and most loving dogs I know. I'm so lucky to call him my buddy #django #beforeandafteradoption #dontbullymybreed #pitbullsofinstagram #lovernotafighter

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Dá para entender por que tantas campanhas são a favor da adoção, como resistir a um sorriso desses, não?

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