1º de agosto: as imagens do dia

Dê uma volta ao mundo através de fotografias

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  1. Pandas filhotes em uma base de pesquisa em Chengdu, na China

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Pandas are on clearance sale! Does anyone wanna pack them all up and take them home? 🐼 🐼 🐼 #panda#ipanda#animal#pet#adorable#China#travel#ipanda#cute#babypanda#videooftheday#Sichuan#funnyvideo#animalvideo#cuteness#cutenessoverload#giantpanda#pandababy#cutepanda

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2. O duque e a duquesa de Sussex prestam homenagem a homens e mulheres guardas-florestais

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In celebration of World Ranger Day and to close our environmental awareness month focus, we want to thank and pay tribute to the men and women on the frontline of conservation, safeguarding our communities and wildlife. We so appreciate all that you do! Regram from @africanparksnetwork, which The Duke of Sussex is President of. #Repost To our men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect Africa’s wildlife and safeguard communities, today on World Ranger Day we at African Parks pay tribute to your commitment and honour your sacrifices. Photo: @lifethroughalensphotography #WorldRangerDay #AForceForGood #AfricanParks #africa #rangers #conservation #Malawi #Rwanda #Mozambique #Chad #Zambia #DRC #Congo #Benin #CAR _______________________________________________________ ”I used to ask myself, ‘will I have to take my child to another country to see a lion or elephant’ but now I know the answer is ‘no’ – that Pendjari is now being protected and that I too have a role in working here, to make sure this park survives, because it’s for my children, and for their children.” – André Tankouanou, Team Leader, Pendjari National Park, Benin

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3. A tailandesa Moriya Jutanugarn no 1º campeonato feminino de golfe de Woburn, na Inglaterra

4. Lua vista através do laboratório em órbita da Nasa, a agência espacial americana

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Moon chasing. 🌕 Usually, the crewmembers of the International Space Station (@ISS) see 16 moonsets and moonrises in a day. But every so often, the orbit of the station aligns with the day/night line on Earth, and the Moon and the Sun never appear to set.
Here's a look at the Moon from our orbiting laboratory, as seen by @Astro_Christina Koch. As we prepare for future #Artemis missions, we are keeping the Moon in our sights.

Credit: NASA
#Moon #Orbit #NASA #Earth #Views

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