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A hashtag mais usada em 2015 no Instagram foi…

De acordo com o Instagram, esse é o terceiro ano seguido que a hashtag é a mais usada

Por Luciana Teixeira (colaboradora) Atualizado em 21 jan 2020, 16h43 - Publicado em 3 dez 2015, 11h27

O Instagram divulgou na noite de ontem a hashtag mais usada pelos usuários da rede social! E a escolhida foi… #love

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A hashtag #love é a mais top do @instagram pelo terceiro ano consecutivo💗💗💗 love is in the air @Regrann from @instagram – Love reigns supreme. For the third year in a row, #love is the top Instagram hashtag — and David Schwen’s (@dschwen) #interactivegrams are all about the ❤️. He stages images with a heart, front and center, so that double-tapping on them creates a double heart. “Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved life’s guilty little pleasures: popping Bubble Wrap, scratching the ink off lottery tickets, drawing a picture on a frosted window. This is how I came up with the idea… It was so simple, and that’s why I loved it,” the Minneapolis-based illustrator and art director says. Years after its conception, community members from all over the globe spread the #love with their own #interactivegrams. “The act of double-tapping or loving each other’s images and videos has become an important interaction between people,” David says. “There are people across the world that I have never met in person, yet I’m able to send an affirmation of love by double-tapping their photo.” Photo by @dschwen #Regrann

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Passeando pela #love podemos ver que nem só de corações ela é feita. O amor pode ser um lugar…

… um animal de estimação…

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…uma comida…

… e, o mais “comum”, uma – ou várias – pessoa:

Esperamos que o amor continue prevalecendo no coração das pessoas heart

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